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    Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade Tyranid Mod
    Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade Tyranid Mod

    This modification for Dawn of War adds the Tyranid race, 
    from the tabletop war-game Warhammer 40k from which Dawn 
    of War was based on, to the game. The Tyranids are an alien 
    race, threatening the imperium from the edge of the galaxy, 
    living only to feast upon the flesh of their foes. They are 
    a fearsome adversary, but an even better ally! That's why 
    our mod allows you fight with and for the great Tyranid race, 
    swarm the enemy with hundreds of hormagaunts, stamp on your 
    foes with the huge carnifex and devour your opponent from 
    within with the deadly lictor. We aim to show players of Dawn 
    of War what the fantastic Tyranids are and attempt to keep as 
    true to the feel of the race as possible.

    Simple run the installer! It should locate your DoW folder and
    automatically install into the right place. This will 
    overwrite 0.4 or 0.401 if you have either of these versions 
    installed, however if you happen to still have 0.3 installed 
    for original Dawn of War or Winter Assault, it won't alter 
    that install.


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